Family Tree

On this page, I am sharing an up-to-date file of the Goldberg family tree and this can be used by family or other Goldbergs researching this name. There must be thousands of unknown relatives out there!!

The database includes a number of other family tree lines, in particular, Muriel's family and and the extensive Kransdorff tree.

By clicking on the following link, you can get to an index of all the names in the family tree file. Every name is linked in turn to parents and children of that person and in that way it is possible to navigate around the tree.

Some of the names have notes against them. Each page is in a numbered bracket beneath the name - for example try Goldberg, Jack "Jacob" where there is almost a biography!

If you know any facts which will enhance this information, please
e-Mail me with the details. Please put changes in any word processor file like Microsoft Word and I will update the master. 

NOTE: Due to sensitivities these days about data protection, all birth dates of living people are suppressed. In my master file, they are all there and I will gladly email a full copy of the "gedcom" file to anyone who is part of the tree. If anyone still has concerns about their names or immediate family being on this tree, email me and we can decide what to do including full removal of the branch.

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