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This page is your chance to get to know friends and relatives of the goldberg family, and a chance to leave personal messages to Giddy or the Goldbergs. With your help we can make this a full collection of our E-mail addresses, so we can all keep in contact. Your address will only be seen by friends of the Goldbergs please write your name and address below and add your name to the list.


Posted Addresses:

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 The Goldberg Family  goldberg@goldfinch.demon.co.uk
 Ben Marks  Marksalan@AOL.com
 The Maxwell Family  serm@globalnet.co.uk
 Alan Joffe  sacap@iafrica.com
 Alvene and Family  lstein@icon.co.za
 Jenny & Errol Miller & Bessie Kay  milco@global.co.za
Brian and Zea berrysGC@iname.com

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